Nov 11, 2013

Fine Tuning the Flying Phantom at 29knots...

This 'project' is looking too good, Perfect Trim. Remember this boat has already been launched as a production OD Class. With the footage and imges we already saw, plus latest pics from this weekend  and Cammas perfomance at Falmouth with Groupama C-Class (using same foil conf) we can affirm this is a rock solid platform.
Check how stable the F Phantom looks. 29knots video later. Having some of the best F18 sailors like Matthiew Vandame ,Gurvan Bontemps, Benjamin Amiot & Charles Hanneiville also helps to ensure high performance and full testing. The other great aspect of this boat is the ability to achieve performance foiling without a Wing. 

All Images Alex Udin -- More below. 

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