Aug 17, 2013

AC34 , LV Finals, ETNZ Super Pitch & Recovery: "I Told You So"

If you've been reading CSN, for say like two years, you could felt something similar to this: "I'm getting tired on this guy repeating over and over again about the volume issue and the risks on the bareaways... get over it".
Well today I got over it after an Incredible 35-40knots boat speed bareaway, and as I wrote in Twitter, Emirates New Zealand kept sailing to score their first LV Finals point only on their Design Team going for the right compromise choice for racing at SF. Look for the Design Label and you will find countless posts & hull renders on this subject.

I can´t believe yet this pitch, view it again at 1:01 of the replay below or the best camera angle at 

Impressive full stop pitch, two men overboard and nothing to do for the crew once the pitch started coming from mid air.  From then on was only trusting the Tractor and its volume.
The additional risk factor that came into play from the previous floating mode warning was the 'Flying' bareaway, coming from that height as Luna Rossa did past week when I even said it couldn´t get tougher than that .... guess again with this powerful unbelievable recovery.

All this when TNZ was racing 'solo' , without much pressure as Luna Rossa was
 already out on a daggerboard issue. Imagine more of these situations with full pedal on, racing for the Cup. 
A puff came in , Barker warns the crew, the helm forced a deeper turn but the 72 made a perfect pivot on its leeward dagger forcing a tremendous hard pitch.
It is necessary to say that Oracle might not have recovered from a similar situation? Just look this pitch over an over again and decide for yourself.

On my behalf, just glad on TNZ design choices and the crew being not hurt.

Previous this race both Oracle boats got a racing training MR , quite entertaining too, upwind too fast for unstable 15knots tws, downwind just awful. But they will improve and the Cup finals will be just great racing.
You know what? Bring back V5 boats..... Only in Your dreams!

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