Aug 18, 2013

AC34 LV Finals: New Zealand reviews the Pitch of the Ages...

Reading some comments on people saying that pitchpoles are dangerous it is almost hilarious, as strange as others discovering after two years that you need to avoid them... forcing last minute rule changes.

Pitch Poles are basically an indivisible part of Catamaran Racing. There is NO way you can avoid them 100% , the only thing you can do is try to reduce the chances of a full flip over, choosing the right design compromises that will give you additional error margin to let you continue racing and having a safer ride at the end of the day.

No magical winglet could have avoided a similar bareaway / strong puff situation as once both rudders went airborne, as it happens even with floating mode cats, you are done for good and your faith is left only to the designer hands. --

TNZ  also met Oracle at the Course racing area before LV Finals and after OR training races, both went to match up their cards and TNZ got blasted by the US team downwind! Watch the clip here 

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