Mar 16, 2015

Flying Phantom vs Nacra F20FCS: Upwind Test at BA

It was an informal test after 1 day of launching the FP, no swap of crews for instance. We just tested like 5-6 times during the day upwind and downwind matchups.Video above is unedited 2:18 of upwind which represents the day perfectly. 

EDIT: As my good friends crewing the Nacra thought the report was assigning responsibility to them (all the contrary, they had the best handling and best speed of the day as reported)  I will simply put that in an informal first test upwind, 12-.14 knots, gusty conditions and some chop, the FP with Gurvan Bontemps as crew  won first round.


Robert Lawrence said...

FP looks sorted. Lower & mididle leech standing up and the top working as it should. Nacra looks unhappy...main too full, needs more down haul or more rake on the diamonds. Centre leech is gone due to necessity to ease main excessively. Top of the main standing up like a honeymooner's...Centre of leech causing loss of height and loose forestay, filling up the jib and causing its leech to blow back into the main. Tighten the rig, flatten the main, use the Cunningham to force the top of the main to twist will result in less drama and a much easier boat to get upwind fast.

juan said...

With no doubt the points of view are different depending on the way you look at what happened. Im juan the crew of f20
The video by Vansulli was is the first one starts, and we didn´t have much knowledge to what to do in an upwind situation. This is because since we´ve had the f20 in Argentina we haven´t stopped enjoying the foiling capacity of the boat.
In the beginning we weren´t going even, giving the lack of experience, but as the time went by we found the way to make it better.
In the last few tries we were, to my understanding, much faster and above all demonstrating a very interesting foiling technique. (see picture)
Categorically I´m not in agreement with what Martin had to say in his report. Time and experience will know who´s wrong. The Nacra f20 is very powerful, stable and easy to take boat, and I´m just only a very happy owner.

juan said...


juan said...

picts again.

catsailingnews said...

Juan: All your commnents apply even more to the FP helm in the video. Who had 10 mins on the FP after assembly on Friday. And do not has the hours on the F20 you both have.

People don´t care right now about time and experience, as we are talking specifically of a certain day with data provided and remarking is an informal test, the first done World Wide after Texel 2014-

Read post "Informal Test , more to come"

Videos simply don´t lie.

See you on the water, waiting for you to blast the FP with the 20, I will be there filming to show the World.

mimbr said...

Share your experiences, please. More videos etc. I will receive my Nacra fcs in some weeks and we will have also a FP in our club so I will have my own picture, but it's hard to wait....

catsailingnews said...

Hi Mimbr , Check report on my F20FCS ride at - Also tons of material , pics, Clinics and super stable video (I think I have filmed best stable F20 video yet) links at - More great pics to come from both boats. We will be doing more videos soon.

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