Jul 5, 2017

First production Trimaran Foiler 'TF10' taking Shape

DNA  Performance Sailing has become what they sell in their name in terms of their production line: DNA F1, G4 & the foiling Trimaran TF10. They also are building the foils for the Nacra 17 MKII.

The first TF10 is being finished  and is going to be another milestone for the industry: a production foiling trimaran.

If the owners who started this project along Macca were looking for a stable foiling platform, this Tri design can surely deliver.

Much proven in the As, MKII & Essentiel, I see no reason for the Z foils not work even better in this wide Trimaran platform, but we'll need to wait and see.

In contrast with the also Morrelli & Melvin designed Trifoiler, being a totally new concept, I son`t see much surprises in the behaviour of the TF10.

Still handling will be exciting, as we expect perfect flights , someone will mange to do foiling gybes and things might get interesting...!

More info on the TF10 at DNA Performance Sailing & TF10 Class web tf10class.com.

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