Jun 5, 2017

F18 Italy, Punta Ala 2017: Mazzucchi-Lisignoli 1st

All images Formula 18 Italia.  Press and pics sent by Alessandro Pellicia / Ufficio Stampa Formula18.it as always providing extensive material to promote the Italian Class -   Good fleet at Punta Ala, when you such places to race better to put an annual event there as they are doing.  The course & conditions are just perfect.
As the report remarks the F18 continues to be a Class where you can race in the entire wind range upto +25knots with a high degree of safety.  

Foiling racing cats will need to achieve that level of control to be adopted by the wide spectrum of  sailors currently participating in the F18.
This doesn´t mean you can´t have a double program boat, but well, you need to be actually sailing and if possbile flying, or just looking around to see what's going on to understand the benefits. Hard to explain to any office/desktop or isaf burocracy kind of guy.

F18 Worlds 2017 Official web: www.f18worlds2017.dk/
Some issues with new boats / charters production deliveries, luckily enough we have more builders in the Class now and Exploder is offering a couple as alternative, check info here.

At the Italian F18 Assoc Punta Ala 2017 event Mazzuchi & Ligsinoli were first on a C2, Vigano & Vigano second overall on a Wildcat, Fantasia & Recalcati C2 and Radman-Lamante Wildcat.  
Full results here

Below official report sent by Alessandro Pellicia:
Formula l8 Italy  Punta 2017 
" Punta Ala & the Circolo Velico Punta Ala hosted the annual three days of the Formula 18 Class event held from June 2nd to 4th.
A great organization  fulfilled expectations, along with a high-level of the race Committee.

Italian calendar Regatta with 22 crews registered and present on the starting line. The wind did not failed, always from the South dialing between 8 and 12 knots. Then a surprise on Sunday, the last day of the event with an intensity of up to 16 knots.
Sun, small waves and summer temperatures have accompanied the sailors and family members in the beautiful Cala Civette.

The program was completed with all 9 races scheduled. Excellent battles for the title on this great performance and easy to sail at all speeds F18 catamarans.

Italian champions 2016, Mazzucchi-Lisignoli, attending to their first national regatta, won the trophy, followed just one point away from Viganò-Viganò. Third, fourth, and fifth second, but all in three points. Fantasia-Recalcati, Radman-Lamante and De Grenet-Marzorati.
Next appointment with the Formula 18, National Championship at Follonica, at the Naval League from 22 to 25 June.

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