Aug 8, 2016

Rio 2016: Live Tracking & Int Stream links

Images: Matias Capizzano / & his Capizzano Photography fb web.
- Schedule & Nacra 17 Entries posted on Sunday at
Streaming / Tracking Info Source below by World Sailing

Official Results go to Rio one , isaf web not updated fully yet: (check drop down for Classes)

Live Tracking
_Desktop / Notebook  Use 3D tracking  - Only Fireox  for both (2D & 3D) , Download here)
_Mobile Android Here  , iOS Here

- Racing Status , bookmark this page as data below is embedded:

A full list of sailors racing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is available to view here - Results will be available on World Sailing's Olympic Website when racing starts on Monday 8 August here -

The racing will be available to watch in 2D and 3D via the live tracking. Live tracking will be available when racing commences via -

Live Tracking via the Sailviewer-3D Tablet App will be available for devices with 7" or greater screens.

Click here to download the iOS Application -
Click here to download the Android Application -

The Competition Status Screen feeds in straight from the Race Committee boats with the teams
inputting data such as race times, course type, the status of each race and the plan moving forward. The competition status screen will be available when racing commences via -

Sailing journalist Craig Leweck will be following the racing LIVE on World Sailing's Olympic Blog throughout Rio 2016. Follow LIVE here -

World Sailing will be releasing international press releases after racing throughout the duration of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. All the latest news and reports will be available to read here -

To find out who your Olympic broadcaster is, click here - The following link - - will redirect you to the Rights Holding Broadcaster in your country.

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Snapchat - Follow our Story on Snapchat, search for worldsailing

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