Jun 21, 2016

A-Cat Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 2, Mischa Heemskerk leads

Photo: Jodie Bawden from yesterday PR race. Check Jodie's web for more www.jnbimages.co.uk -
Second image by Exploder / Paula Kopylowicz Bundy & Mischa fighting for the lead.
Check Paula's full gallery at Exploder Fb page. Gordon Upton's shots available at IACA official fb page.

---- Live updaes , all data  unofficial/provisional---
Not updates today from Medemblik but I can see the fleet out on a webcam at the Regatta Center. Yesterday no racing as informed due to high winds. 3 races planned for the today. More info when available. Official Worlds web: www.acatworlds2016.nl
*Update from the water: Brewin (Exploder)  & PJ ( DNA)  a win for each.
** Update: Mischa x2 in the other group.  Mischa got Bundy in the 3rd downwind leg -
10-12knots for one course, Brewin's less wind and tricky. More data & pics later...

Day 2 final Report: Mischa Heemskerk won his two races against Bundock today, aside from the hours both have in the A-Class it was also a match up for design concepts in platforms & rigs. Mischa with Dna F1 / Mischa Sails with boom , and Darren Exploder D3, boomless Brewin sail. Wind conditions reported is 10-12knots and flat for their group.

Carolijn Brouwer scored 6 & 8 for the day  in same group for a 10th overall. Check her great shot taken today by Jodie Bawden at catsailingnews.com/2016/06/a-cat-worlds-2016-day-2-images-by-jodie.html
Tymek Bendyk , D3 & Bryt Sails, 4th & 3rd in Mischa's group too, and 4th overall.

In the other group Steve Brewin won the first and PJ Dwarshuis the second on light shifty conditions. Bob Baier sailing the Scheurer G7/Ashby scored a 6th & 2nd for 5th overall.

The pre Worlds scenario keeps unchanged then after first two races: Mischa continues on a high level showed at Punta Ala , only surpassed by the 'Untouchable', and the Exploder Team searching to grab a deserved title for the Polish builder.

- Equipment
Regarding equipment and in contrast with last year I think there is no excuses whatsoever this time around, with all the top guys being served by builders & designers with the best they can offer in platforms and rigs.
Read Carolijn´s  comments below on Arno's call, that the D3 camp is happy with their speed and I received that feedback too from other trusted source too.

Mischa Heemskerk was speeding  only seeing his results, plus the direct on the water feedback I've been sent.

- Fleets
I've been told that both groups are racing at different hours, I understand logistics issues but at Bordeaux Euros 2014 and Punta Ala 2015 both fleets were racing at the same time, aside topographic differences, overall winds conditions are way more fair than having one group racing in perfect 10-12knots full foiling conditions and the others drifting in 4 knots. Not fair for the sailors and uneven competitive scenario.

On the Argies, my god what rookies! They missed the start after some bad comms,  I can´t leave them alone! haha, pity again as they are making great efforts and high investments in time and material to race/travel to Medemblik, putting a lot for the Class locally and some of them with plenty of training hours were ready for top five/ten results as shown on the water today.
Still much to go, second chance to score on paper for them tomorrow.

Below Arno's report.
First day of racing report by Arno Terra based on a call with Carolijn Brouwer:
"Carolijn had a great day on her 'fantastic little boat'. She was in the fleet with Mischa & Darren and had full foiling conditions in both races, where the other group had much less favourable winds.

Mischa made the difference upwind by some upwind foiling, Darren tried it out of the start too but couldn't find a free lane. 
Tymek had good speed but had to make up ground after the start.
Carolijn was in the top 10 at the first mark and could foil to fifth in the first leg and finally finish 6th in the first race and 8th in the following race where she was fighting with Thomas Paasch on his Nikita with Dna boards.

PJ scored a convincing win in the second wind after a good upwind beat and some 'private' pressure downwind where he could separate form the fleet by foiling away as a lonesome cowboy. Bob Baier scored a second and Stevie could still secure a third.

Tomorrow not a Stevie-Mischa clash yet and I hope that both fleets have good pressure. It is great to see that pure sailing skills made the difference today and not just stuff.
No bad results for any of the top contenders today. To be continued tomorrow. Forecast says 8-11 kts, though the leaders will be fully foiling.

Best regards,

Top 13 Provisional after 2 Races below. Full Results here

pos Helm R1 R2 Tot Boat Sail
1 Mischa heemskerk 1 1 2 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
2 Steve Brewin 1 3 4 Exploder D3 Brewin
3 Darren Bundock 2 2 4 Exploder D3 Brewin
4 Tymek Bendik 4 3 7 Exploder D3 Bryt Sails
5 Bob Baier 6 2 8 Scheurer G7 Ashby
6 Bruce mahoney 3 5 8 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
7 Jacek Noetzel 4 4 8 Exploder D3 Brewin
8 Emmanuel Dodé 5 5 10 DNA F1 Mischa Sails
9 Thomas Paasch 5 6 11 Nikita North
10 Carolijn Brouwer 6 8 14 Exploder D3 Brewin
11 Sandro Caviezel 7 7 14 Scheurer G7 Landenberger
12 Adam Beattie 12 4 16 Exploder Brewin?
13 PJ Dwarswuis 17 1 18 DNA F1 Mischa Sails