Feb 16, 2016

Two Stunt 9s arrived to the US

Great new having Michele Petrucci's Stunt 9 going into production and being acquired to be sailed in the US coasts. The Stunt 9 is one of the many project we've seen here in CSN since its conception, like the Phantom projects, Dna and several others now established products. Check log for this project at the 'Stunt 9' label.

The new owners speak of a foiling Class/Division, but the Stunt 9 is far from being a racing foiling cat like the A-Class , FP or the Nacra F20. They will have lots of fun with easy foiling but Michele didn´t built this boat to race, less against cats mentioned above.

Images & report below sent by Will Rotemberg .
"The first two of Michele Petrucci's 14 foot, single handed foilers have arrived in the United States. The boat's owner has been anxiously awaiting their arrival and is very excited to get them on the water and start foiling. With the addition of these S9's, Texas now has three different foiling catamaran platforms in resident (Phantoms and A-cats).

There are hopes of hosting a foiling Class at an upcoming catamaran regatta this spring, but details are still in the works.
Pictures of the boats in the shipping container, as they were unloaded and on their way home are attached; expect more pictures and videos as assembly, first sail and testing progress."

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