Sep 17, 2014

ISAF Youth Multi: Bimare's view

Below Text sent by Bimare on the selection of the new ISAF Youth Multihull - Regarding their comments on the RBSC (Royal Belgian Sailing Club), I think the F16 is one of the boats sailed by their Youth, as the RSBC has a full comprehensive program as shown here several times with smaller Hobie cats as first steps for the kids. 

But those with the level to aim for an ISAF Worlds, like 12yrs F16 World Champ Henri Demesmaeker, are ready to sail a performance boat to prepare their path to Nacra 17. So we need to separate, feeder classes from those special groups committed fully to sail at the highest level of Youth Racing.

On costs, I think some prices are inflated, and if we can close a project we are preparing in Europe sailors will be able to buy a F18 for 12-13k plus sails.

On the Youth Multi, to leave things as they are, just stick with the SL16, and we will have not much to argue on yet another Class..
"BIMARE chose not to bid for having one of its catamarans as the next ISAF official Youth Multihull for financial reasons basically the same already made known by Goodall Design with their recent press release. The calculations carried out by Brett Goodall are self-esplanatory and we have nothing to add.

However we disagree with Greg, Goodall, the authorities of the RBSC and yourself (as far as we argue from your article about the new NACRA 15) on the fact that the F16 is the best choice for the “lower cost sailor development” requested by ISAF to “build grass roots sailing”.

The F16 is for sure an excellent catamaran, (our X16, a full compliant F16, is on sale from several years) but too close in terms of costs, weight, sails’ surface and “practicability” to the Olympic NACRA 17.

In the current economic climate, especially of the European countries, the average price of a F16 (around EUR 20K) seems too high.

According to our opinion the best option for the National Sailing Federations willing to grow up the next Olympic Multihull champions is our 14 footer, the 4-Teen, which features a state-of-the-art carbon mast, epoxy carbon curved boards, epoxy carbon rudders and all the thrills and frills of a pure racing machine.

This outstanding boat is offered at EUR 10.500, weights 85 Kg ready to sails and suits best 100-110 kg crew.

For details and pics :

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