Sep 26, 2013

Bundy & his Cup

Lift it up Mate! A chunk of that Cup is fully yours. As pointed yesterday Darren Bundock was called to duty by Oracle after Coutts got to know better the bottom of San Francisco Bay when he hard pitch the 45. After joining the team to coach handling & how to race Cats  Bundy won his first race in the ACWS and also won every single Speed Trial he participated in, then he got some average results in the rest of the series. 

But the best work done by Darren in this Cup beyond coaching Ainslie and the rest of the crew was helping the kids of the Youth Americas Cup. 
Along Glenn Ashby , Bundock represented the small Cat racing scene in this Edition. Ashby got his Cup with Oracle in 2010, and now his mate has won his own 'Old Mug'. +20 World Titles & some Olympic medals between those two, and 1 Americas Cup each. Sailng hall of Fame material , to me both are already Legends-
Photo Oracle Team USA / Sander van der Borch.