Aug 16, 2013

AC34, ETNZ Foiling Upwind?: 'Catch Me if you Can'

Images Abner Kingman / Source Americas - Just when things could have reach a level of close racing for the LV Finals, New Zealand starts showing upwind foiling, that was , as posted this week, the only remaining critical game changer comparing speed and handling between the teams with chances to win this Cup.
Luna Rossa didn´t had good starts against Artemis, and if the Kiwis get to foil to the windward mark it is almost a too high mountain to climb for the Italians.

And of course so long for the upwind floating drag advantage for Oracle hulls if this mode can be applied while racing. 
With Oracle getting comfortable with foiling gybes they now have to master upwind flight too to keep the pace with Barker , Ashby  & Dalton endless bag of tricks.

First Louis Vuitton Final will start tomorrow Saturday 17 2:10PM SF Time. Follow Live here in CSN.
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