Jan 20, 2013

F18 Worlds 2013: July 5-12, Marina di Grosseto, Italy

F18 Worlds return to Europe in 2013 after a great first event in America. Check the venue on video above of the 2012 Italian Nats. This year I don´t think I'm gonna be able to attend, but I'm sure the class will get those 200 slots covered as in LA the US F18 Assoc gathered 120 without the majority of the European huge local classes and their members. 
Part of the Argentine fleet will make a great effort again and some will travel to Italy. We will have the first qualifier event in February at Mar del Plata, our nice ocean spot 400kms from Buenos Aires.

2013 Worlds Official Website is http://mondialivela.netspring.it/home/

Date Time Programme
Friday, July 5th 14.30 – 18.30 Registration, measurement, and inspection
Saturday, July 6th 09.30 – 18.30 Registration, measurement, and inspection
Sunday, July 7th 09.00 – 13.00 Registration, measurement, and inspection
14.00 Warning Signal For the practice race
18.30 Open Ceremony

Monday, July 8th 10.00 Competitors’ Briefing
13.00 Warning signal for the first race

Tuesday, July 9th Racing
Wednesday, July 10th Racing
Thursday, July 11th Racing
Friday, July 12th Racing
18.00 Prize giving ceremony

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