Jan 18, 2013

Box Boat

Beyond the size the interesting about this new cat from Australia is the building method. I will sent Matt some Q&A on it later, as it can be a good cost solution if  structurally reliable. Production Windsurf /Paddleboard and expoxy Surfbaords are made in this way. Never saw this on a Cat. Below details by the builder.

Sent by Matt Johns -- Box Boat
"So after an exhausting six months of dealing with new project challenges and armchair critics we went for our first sail of the Box 8.5 in Brisbane Aus last weekend. Its early days but the yacht out performed our expectations and proved the construction method without doubt for us. This is what its all about.

The Box 8.5 is a unique project in many ways, not the least of which the sold core hulls but also the ability to sell and pack the kit set into a box for easy international shipping and the super fast and simple construction. The idea for the hull construction comes from the building industry and is not dissimilar to production surf and wind surf board. We use sections of polystyrene precision CNC machined which are segregated in the hulls by factory made bulk heads for each load point; forestay, beam sockets, winch base and side stays.

The sections are butted and glued together before the yacht is taped with carbon fibre patching then completely wrapped in the cloth and laminated with an epoxy system. The simplicity of the build method means that homebuilders can assemble the yacht themselves with little or no help from qualified boat builders further reducing overall cost. The separation of skins by the solid core results in hull stiffness and allows us to keep the yacht light, the first yacht weighing in just over 350kg and we have managed to loose a few more pounds for the production boats.

Our mantra when designing and building the yacht was efficiency, affordability and simplicity. To that end we avoided expensive fashion items and tried to keep the yachts as high performance as possible without creating another extremely expensive product and creating a yacht that just about anyone can sail competitively in a fleet. The hulls carry a high percentage of buoyancy forward, compromising some performance for safety and practicality while all other components are made “traditionally” for example the female moulded beams, foils, composite stays and carbon rotating mast. The sail plan is restricted to a single downwind sail, jib and reef-able mainsail to further reduce complicated systems and cost.

We are not unique in our desire to see the Box 8.5 become a thriving class, we are however unique in the fact that our entry level platform kit starts at $30k AUS (+GST) and finished yacht packages for $82,500 inc (less trailer and sails). The platform kit includes everything you need to put you Box 8.5 together. Clip together CNC routed build jigs to make it even easier to assemble, female moulded foils, and beams are also in the package as is carbon tillers, tiller linkage, bow pole and dagger board lifting posts, basically everything you need to complete your platform.

We really feel we created a realistic entry point to high performance crewed multihulls and a class that is truly sustainable, easy to transport and exciting to sail. While we have other commitments over the next few weeks the boat is getting its finishing touches but we will be back on the water as soon as possible for more testing and good rides."

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Matt Johns

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