Apr 20, 2012

F18, AClass, H16: Copa España 2012

Sent by Claus Denk, www.adecat.com---
Report from the Spanish Cup for all Catamaran Classes (Copa de España 2012)

This passed weekend, from 12th to 15th of April, the Spanish Cup for all catamaran classes has been held in Denia (Mediterranean), hosted by the Real Club Náutico Denia. The classes F-18, A-Cat, Hobie 16 and Interseries (rest of the cats) came together with more than 70 boats for one of the two annual national events in Spain (the Spanish Cup and Spanish Championship).

The weather conditions were varying due to the passage of a frontal system, but the race officials were able to bring in 6 races during the 3 days. The first day, with light wind and quite a big swell left from the previous days was tricky to sail, and only one race could be finished. On Saturday some strong showers with little visibility seemed to make racing impossible, but fortunately the rain ceased and increasing winds with gusts over 30 knots in the last race made 3 races possible, although a lot of capsizes and some material damage were the consequence. The conditions on Sunday were more stable, swell with 6-8 knots of wind, so another 2 races could be finished.

The podiums in the different classes finally were:

A-Cat (detailed results here http://www.adecat.com/uploads/clasificaciones/Copa2012A.pdf)

Manuel Calavia (DNA)
Kiko Spí Escrivá (DNA)
Santiago Nieto (Flyer-1)

F-18 (detailed results here http://www.adecat.com/uploads/clasificaciones/Copa2012F18.pdf)

Antonio Santos/Fernando Faneco (POR, Nacra Infusion)
Robert Fijnheer/Peter Stiebler (Nacra Infusion MK2)
Claus Denk/José Luís Marmolejo (AHPC C2)

Hobie-16 (detailed results here http://www.adecat.com/uploads/clasificaciones/Copa2012HC16.pdf)

Juan Antonio Llabres/Ana Tomás
Serafín Sanz Cuevas/Noelie Colecha
Loos Gerard/José Daniel Hernández

Interseries (detailed results here http://www.adecat.com/uploads/clasificaciones/Copa2012Interseries.pdf)

Marc Verdaguer Foz (Fx-1)
Phillippe Diuperiux/Manuel Sciarra (Tornado)
David de Diago López (Fx-1)

It was nice to see some international participation, a Portuguese team won the F-18 event, also some other non-Spanish names in F-18, but these are sailors living in Spain. Gerard Loos finished third in Hobie-16. The Spanish Nationals are open, we invite all international sailors to come and sail with us!

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