Apr 22, 2010

19th Hobie 16 Worlds: Weihai, China

19th Hobie World Championships Introduction
Photos of Pre-event held in 2009

HOBIE16 World Championships is a world-class famous sailing competition which is organised by Hobie Class Association. The competition was approved by the International Sailing Federation. The first HOBIE16 World Championships was held in Hawaii, USA , in 1976.Thereafter, once every two years, Hobie16 World Championships have been successfully held 18 times.
Under the strong support of General Administration of Sport of China and the China Yacht Association and the active bid of Shandong and Weihai governments, the 19th Hobie16 World Championships which was applied on the city named Weihai has been successfully approved by International Sailing Federation Association. Therefore, the 19th Hobie16 World Championships will be held, on August 15th-30th, 2010, in Weihai, China.

Weihai, China

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