May 21, 2009

New 20HT from Scheurer Design

I received a mail with these renders from a new Scheurer 20 feet HT cat-
Check bow rails Wildcat style... And also transom rails and flat sections, that is the trend now, to merge LodayWhite front and back style rails (they did it on the Spitfire, Dart 16 and latest Shockwave) as I did in 2007 with RC 16 with added channels and now with the RC F18 II to be built soon.

Someone was looking for a new 20 feet cat?... The new Beaver 20ht is just a design concept. 10 boats are needed to build it, 2 signed already: Contact Scheurer Design for more info.

Aggressive bows and curved daggers derived from their own ScheurerA-Class and 120kg??? Will race against the M20 on the Texel for line honours???

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