Jul 9, 2018

A-Cat Europeans 2018 @Warnemunde: No racing for Day 1

Photos by Gordon Upton / IACA. Too much wind so no racing today at Warnemunde. Tomorrow an 11AM start is scheduled.
Above Glenn Ashby sanding his DNA F1x updated foils. PJ reported in his Fb that final production foils were developed with Glenn and Harry Mighel along Mischa and the DNA team : "After months of developing and testing different rudders and new z boards for the new DNA F1x , we finally got it ..
The new production foils are designed by Glenn Ashby and Harry Mighel, with a lot of input of Mischa Heemskerk and the rest of team DNA.
Mischa is on the video here yesterday on Ijsselmeer in ideal testing conditions and typical short chop which are not the easiest for these boats..."

Glenn had some broken rudders on the practice race, check Gordon Upton's onsite report from yesterday. On the new foils video was made in choppy conditions but I cannot say it is an impressive footage more on the reference we have here in Rio de la Plata choppy Land, still the real verdict will come this week from Warnemunde.

DNA has "All the meet over the Grill" as we say here meaning their top notch WChamp riders are there, Exploder D3 has Manolo Calavia , Adam May, Jacek Noetzel and rising star
Michal Korneszczuk who won Easter Cup & Sopot Cup over Jacek past weeks among other D3 sailors.  Check A-Cat label for previous A-Class posts

D3 Polish Top Guns Tymek Bendyk & Kuba Suroviec are racing Nacra 17 Europeans along Brewin at Gydnia, Poland.

Scheurer will continue to test their new G7 2018 foils, Sandro won Euros Spring at Arco this year with them.  Scheurer like DNA both yards have follow Exploder D3 Z22 concave shape and min drag oriented shape, specially DNA on their more soft and elliptical plan compared to their orig Dna Z.
But then Exploder trailed behind some years trying to catchup. But not much worries for the A-Class builders, all happy to evolve on each other devels.

This benefit sailors as for foiling mode flights are becoming more stable and are easier to maintain.
Don't want to fly ? No worries, the IACA has a separate floating/Classic ranking for you at international and local level.

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