Dec 8, 2017

New Vector 24' Cat by Viktor Brejcha

Viktor Brejcha is a young designer from Czech Republic, he has been working in several projects, including the VOR special inshore foiler along Schickler-Tagliapietra. Now he is pursuing to built his own 24 design, details sent by Viktor below.
Vector 24 , New trailerable catamaran in town?
I wanted to be yacht designer since I was a kid. Because I live in the middle of Europe in country where only few small lakes are located (Czech Republic - home country of legendary Jagr 68 and birthplace of the best beer), I didn’t have much opportunities. Whole my life I tried to contact shipyards and yacht companies around the Europe. Offered to work for free only to get experiences and contacts to Italian producers of sailboats during my study abroad. Nothing happened and took me seven years to grow up by myself. Finally, thanks to Dutch company ST Yacht and Doug Schickler who took me under his wings (or maybe better to say “under his foils”) I had a chance to work on recent projects and learn about processes in design and building of yacht. Together with self-study, huge passion for making something different and luck (few times), I became graduated industrial designer and architect.

Every designer has favourite style/design of boats. For me it is design of trailerable multihulls. They are fast, can be simple and you can transport them where ever you want. I miss that time of Farrier boats and designs. That is why I decided to design new range of small catamaran. This 24ft length catamaran is designed to be fast, easy to build, transportable and have a fun. Boat is designed for lakes and coast sailing. I still believe there are people who wants to travel with boats around the European waters, enjoy different regattas and have a fun. Sort of people who need boat for weekends with family but who sometimes desire about racing and sailing fast.

Boat is designed as concept of many variations. You can have just two floats, carbon beams and trampoline in the middle with top sails or you can have instead of trampoline composite panel for comfortable version with kitchen unit in the middle.

Another part of the project is price. I believe (and calculated) that this kind of boat can be made in Czech Republic for less then 40K EUR (exclude. VAT). At this moment, there is Czech client who is going to build the boat. But I dream little bit more. I dream about moulds and small series production. I dream about it so much that I will give up on margin for first boats to get enough resources to build moulds.

But I’m totally open for any cooperation and interest from outside!

Vector Catamaran
Length: 7,2 m (24ft)
Beam: 4 m (13ft)
Displacement: 1150 kg
Total number of berths: 4
Assumed cost: 40 000 EUR (exclude. VAT)
Designer: Viktor Brejcha