Jun 27, 2017

Cirrus R2: First production F18 'Convertible' delivered.

Photos: Cirrus Catamarans. - An historic milestone for the small catamaran racing scene & market. Nice to see how others have grabbed and understood the concept as a way forward without any negative implications whatsoever for the F18 Class. On the contrary, this is only good news.

Now a new customer or even those F18 sailors spending their money outside the class for a foiling cat, can have both worlds in a single platform and continue racing no issues & Class legal.

This may force new foiling cat project & builders to think twice on not making it convertible the other way: Fitting the current F18 rules.

With all the frenzy generated by the America's Cup foiling cats, now F18 builders can also attract clients wanting to fly, but with an unique additional asset that is being able to legally race in the biggest performance cat fleet in the World.

-For those in the Class not interested in the concept or not seeing the benefits, well its fully transparent , and they can continue their business as usual leaving others to play at will.-

On the convertible case, check first image and compare to its render version.

Cirrus R2 pics are from past days delivery at Boulogne Conception Marine headquarters. Manu will not be able to sail in Denmark Worlds as he'll participate on the Diam 24OD Tour de France a la Voile.

These R2s will be present though, and aside the convertible feature, Manu has updated and refined the Cirrus R hull and appendages among other modifications.

The R was already a fast winning boat, and this MKII version will be even faster, specially in lighter winds. This new F18 from Cirrus is definitely a Weapon in every aspect.

For more info on the R2 contact Anne Boulogne at:    contact (at) bcm-catamaran (dot) com

Cirrus Catamarans web: www.bcm-catamaran.com/
Cirrrus Fb: www.facebook.com/cirrus.catamarans

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