Jun 16, 2017

America's Cup 2017 Final @Bermuda: Spithill & Burling Press Conf

Photos: ACEA / Gilles Martin-Raget - Press conf America's Cup YT Channel. - I say Oracle on a tight match. If Spithill can get in front as Nathan did Oracle speed might be enough.
Hope to see a super close match though and I would like TNZ, Burling & Ashby to win , even if they go back to monos (still don´t buy 100% that statement, it would be hard throwing their superior knowhow once they have the Cup at hand..)

On going back to monos from here we criticized the AC50 6 crew and only 2  driving the boat along the 'push button' foiling. But reviewing  Super Yachts shots triggers a grin when you read or hear the 'old school' talking about real 'sailing tasks' onboard.
If 20 guys sitting & hanging legs is 'real' sailing ...  I invite them to crew for a local F18 sailor in the breeze to understand the actual meaning of 'real sailing' work onboard.

In any case for the AC we would prefer the GC32 or AC45 Flying standard version for the crews to be handful in actual functional sailing tasks. AC50 cyclors and grinders? Well at least they put their body and soul on to it.   Super yachts crews can have their 5 o'clock Tea without spilling a drop in those Monos...

Below Press conf with Burling & Spithill