Jan 23, 2017

AC35: TNZ Blasting Speed video by Chris Cameron

Video & Photo by Chris Cameron Photography. Click image above to watch video as cannot be embedded. I know is a little bit old (Nov 2016), but by far the most impressive video from this Cup circle filmed in by Chris Cameron, who used to be TNZ official photograph. A pity not having him this time around covering their campaign as the media or photos from Kiwi camp are too few or nonexistent.

Regarding their AC45 Turbo foil (photo left also by Cameron)  I'm checking with some design pros to learn about the purpose of the double curved sections, and some say its for a more vertical entry and to achieve 90° the horizontal section.
My appreciation is also a rather logical one on them trying to achieve more span, in the As is achieved placing the bottom exit more outwards, and here they reach same goal , at least a visible one, by the pronounced inverted S curved vertical section.
Update: Another feedback I just received from a Pro is that they are aslo looking to gain winward heel a la Moth

I'm confident Team New Zealand will innovate again, little room to play for this edition, but if they can match at least Oracle foils and system, they will have the Silver bullet onboard, which is their top notch talented crew.

I see Burling & Ashby going for the Cup no strings attached and full bore ahead. If you can select a perfect combo for helm & trimmer & Skipper combo, they will surely be at the top of the list.

In fact, I think they will win the Cup at Bermuda.

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