Aug 18, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics : Final Day

Some great Images by  Clive Manson / Getty / Rio 2016 Official Results Web and Sailing Energy / Worlds Sailing . Must Click pics for HQ & Slideshow. --

49er FX race was a blast, Martine Grael & Kahena Kunze battled hard with Alex Maloney & Molly Meech, first class racing by the Girls, I bow  down to them.
The Live stream is good to see course conditions and some actions shots but the best way is also to follow along 2D tracking , the live action misses too much of key placings, checking predictive ranking gives you a real dimension of what is going on. Next edition they should add the predictive ranking to the live stream broadcast.

It was New Zealand's Gold entire race until the Brazilians recovered places a la 'Lange-Carranza' (without the multiple 360s ingredient, thanks God! I almost went total freeze on a heart attack on Tuesday)

Both races were a joy to watch, 49ers and 49erFX. This IS Sailing, what we need to show the World for promoting the sport, I'm sorry again but those Finn downwind & pumps ...

Good to see Nathan & Iain getting Silver, another comeback in the overall rankings they are used to deliver, that drive will pay plenty at the Americas Cup, we've seen how a perfect strike does not necessary ends on the final win. The only problem this time around for AC teams, is that Peter Burling & Blair Tuke, seem to be warming out only... those two are serious stuff.

Lange bros: first appearance with a really good 7th overall, which could have been medal zone sans Ireland protest and little more luck. But still so much left for them, just look at their father.
Special mention to Sofi Tedín and the Arg 49erFX crew, them qualifying from thin air with a final 13th place was result of a great FX local & global project which Sofi was involved fully.

'O Melhor Pais do Mundo'
Happy for Grael & Kunze , mostly on the local crowd, BRA has plenty of Gold medals with Scheidt , dad Torben and else, but this was a special event for them.  Scheidt was short in 4th place in Laser, but the 49er FX team put head up to the challenge and grabbed Gold in an impressive way.

Brazil is a great country, special asset is its people though, Argies have in common lot of passion for life and the sports, we both are fanatics as none, but they are the masters of happiness and good vibes, no one is cooler than Brazilians, Ok maybe Usain Bolt (watching right now 200mts Final)

Great Games in all sports at Brazil, they said they weren´t going to reach on time but in the end Rio delivered.

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