May 30, 2016

GC32s Riva del Garda 2016: The Epitome of Sail Racing

Raw footage of the clip For those always asking for video, here you have 10 minutes of raw footage from Days 1,2,3 & 4 filmed and provided by Icarus Media / GC 32 Racing Tour. I took the liberty to add some Division Bell soundtrack, feel free to silence track, in any case this is one of the best sailing footage ever seen,.
If some ad popsup is done & served by YT on the use of the Pink Floyd tunes.
I hope the guys at the GC32 headquarters have the races full filmed, it could be a show & a joy to watch.

AC4 what???  You don´t need stadium to promote sailing, you just need WIND only provided in average by the right course location. Out of words for this footage, tremendous sailing and guts from all teams, the finesse of the GC32 weapons and their power drive response from the crew handling 'c'est magniqfique' as a good friend likes to call this kind of champagne sailing.
What a great boat Martin Fischer designed.

Great win by Franck Cammas / Norauto and his crew. Also nice to hear Pierre Casiraghi, digging cats, the grandson of Grace Kelly has things clear on how to race Multihulls: Sail fast or stay home! His father would be proud.

Daily reports in previous GC32 posts, final results and official web
Keep those raw videos coming, nothing better to promote the GC32s.