May 4, 2016

DNA F1: Mischa Heemskerk Interview by Henk de Graad

Video now went private... contacting Henk to know what happened. Update: DNA blocked the video, telling them it might be best interview and informative I've seen. For them to put Henk's work online again.


Henk de Graad is always taking good pics from the Dutch cat scene, and he always let me publish them here no problem.He also shoot Dynaflex's sailbatten ad image.  Henk made this great interview with Mischa Heemskerk on the new F1, showing most of the boat details. Some good upwind foiling footage plus a super slick tack,   could break my back doing that it I guess... ?!
Excellent work by Mischa , putting to production all his ideas and experience while racing, if you buy an F1 you will get exactly his setup, as it comes standard from factory.

Link shared by the Dutch A-Class Assoc , who will host next A-Class at Medemblik in June 18-24. Official website