May 9, 2016

Defi Wind 2016

Défi Wind 2016 1300 windsurfers and the inverted race from Défi Wind on Vimeo.
1300 Windsurfers including Dunkerberk, Albeau, and one of my idols from my full windsurfing years , local sailor Francisco 'Pancho' Goya, PWA former World Champ and double back loop master all present at the 2016 Defi Wind edition. Source and more info at

Years ago I told the local guys they needed to go attend St Barts, and they did, now I think I'm to push for a trip to Gruissan next year.
I'm also playing around designing a winsdurf/sup foil, more info when first draft finished.

Defi Kite video below:

DEFI KITE Gruissan 2016 - 300 kitesurfers vs 50 knots Tramontana from Défi Wind on Vimeo.

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