Mar 6, 2016

F18: Agio Midnight Sun Raid 2016

The Tiger sailing in the snow above is a cool move, nicely done! Video & info sent by Joakim Wiklund. Official web :
Agio Midnight Sun Raid NOR
- A three day raid in bay of Bothnia
The Luleå Archipelago in Bay of Bothnia is the only sweetwater/brackish archipelago in the world! You will meet an exotic archipelago with over 1.300 islands, long sandy beaches and midnight sun. The shallow archipelago is not only a navigation challange, but makes the water warm and the bright balmy nights make sailing possible all around the clock.

Welcome to Luleå!
Classes: F18
Date: Friday July 1 – Monday July 4 2016
Organizer: Luleå Segelsällskap
Entry fee: 3 000 SEK per boat.
- Includes thrilling races in exotic waters
- great food and social saunas under the midnight sun.
- breakfast sunday and monday, lunch sunday and monday, dinner friday, saturday and sunday.

Friday july 1st, 19:00 Opening ceremony and barbecue.
Start 1. Saturday July 2nd 10.00
Start 5. Sunday July 3rd, 09.00
Start 9. Monday July 4th 09.00
Saturday or Sunday 23.00 midnight sun race.
Daily after race and beaching sauna followed by dinner and prize giving ceremony.

The following equipment is mandatory and will be subject to safety inspection. A team that has not got the following will not be granted permission to start:
On each crew member at all times during races:
- 1 dry suit
- 1 mobile phone in waterproof pocket.
- 1 Life jacket and whistle
- 1 red hand-held flare attached to life jacket - 1 knife attached to life west or 1 knife attached to boom and 1 on the dolphin striker.

On board the boat
- flare (check validity date) attached under trampoline or behind either beam for easy access when boat lies upside down.
- 1 towing line, minimum 12m * 8 mm with stretch (not a halyard or similar). When many boats are towed it can damage the boats if there is too little stretch.
- 1 paddle, at least 120 cm, for example attached to boom using shock cord
- 1 First aid kit in a waterproof bag available on trampoline or in pocket.