Feb 24, 2016

F18 Chilean Nats 2016: Mandujano & Keller Champs

Photos F18 Chile . Full Album at their Fb page. -- Chilean F18 sailors , together with Uruguay are the fleets joining our efforts to promote the Class here in South America.  I know several of the Chilean crews, this year winner helm, Mario Mandujano visited us in the past to race our BA Week & Arg Nats, and I've been in contact with Johann Keller for years, an experience catsailor who also campaigned Hobie 16 for Chile with another good friend who was the first South American to race an F18 Worlds back in Australia 2007, Alfonso Gutierrez.
Johann is also the local Nacra dealer through his Keller Boats shop. Mario along many others also went to Los Angeles Worlds 2012, which was a great North & South American party as 11 boats from Arg were also present.
The Chilean F18 fleet will be looking forward to participate in the 2016 F18 Worlds to be held at Buenos Aires in October. They've been working for years for the F18 and although the 2016 Worlds will be held in BA, they will be a great part of this year F18 major event.

Below report by Jorge Gonzalez / F18 Chile Assoc
F18 & Multihull Chilean Nats 20.16 
"The event was held at Marina Golf Rapel. First Day with light winds from the North West from 5 to 7knots and a late good 15kn breeze which produced some capsizes.

Since the start Mandujano-Keller and Gallyas-Isidora Urrutia had a close fight for the lead in the F18. In the Open Class the Ortiz led like past years.
Second Day no wind till 18:30 when a good constant 12knts Southerly breeze where Gallyas-Urritia dominated.
Sunday saw light winds again from the west with lulls over the racing course to finish last two races of the day with 18knts providing excellent conditions for F18 Racing at Lake Rapel.

In the end Mandujano-Keller (Nacra Infusion) won over Gallyas-Urrutia (Goodall C2) by only 1pt, crowning past year hard work the winners had in 2015.
Congrats to both!

In the open Class Benjamin & Juan Ortiz took 1st place over Johann Keller Sr,
We would like to mention several rookies who raced for the first time like Kord Holscher & sons, René Lagos , Ricardo Boizard & Tomás León.

Finally we want to thank Marina Golf, Magic Marine & PCM Docks for making this event possible , and the sailors for the good vibes we had in this event". --

Results F18
1.Mario Manduano/Johan Keller 2-1-3-2-1-1-(3) 10 pts
2.Pablo Gallyas/ Isidora Urrutia 1-(5)-2-1-2-4-1 11pts
3.Paulo Gabella/Martín Gabella 4-(6)-1-3-3-3-5 19pts
4.John Glysing/Rodrigo Sánchez 3-3-4-(6)-5-2-4 21pts
5.Nicolás Kovacevic/Milan Kovacevic 5-4-5-(11)-4-5-2 25pts
6.José González/Matías González 8-2-(9)-9-9-6-6 40pts
7.Pablo Silva/Sebastián Silva 7-7-6-(8)-6-7-8 41pts
8.Leonardo Zúñiga/Carlos Piffaut 9-(12)-7-5-10-8-7 46pts
9.Rodrigo Fuenzalida/Jorge Almarza 6-8-8-10-8-10-9 49pts
10.Tomás Guzmán/Juan Pablo Ovando 10-(12)-10-4-11-9-10 54pts
11.Francisco León/Germán González (12)-12-12-7-7-11-12 61pts

Results Open
1.Benjamín Ortiz/Juan Pablo Ortiz 2-1-2-1-(3)-1-1 8pts
2.Johan Keller sr. 1-(5)-3-2-1-2-4 13pts
3.Alejandro Olivos/René Lagos 3-2-1-3-2-(5)-5 16pts
4.Crescente Bohme-Domingo Bohme 4-3-5-4-6-4-2 22pts
5.Ricardo Boizard-Ignacio Boizard 5-4-4-5-5-3-3 24pts
6.Korld Holscher-hijos(Kord/Ignacia) 5-6-6-(7)-4-6-6 33pts