Dec 7, 2015

US A-Class: Local Equipment Guide

Photo left will become a classic: Jay Glaser & Matt Strubble, one is a Master Sailmaker, who also developed the first deck sweeper sail with Pete Melvin and the other is the Nr 1 North American sailor.
Still guessing what Matt can achieve with his own designed & built platform, now with new Glaser sails against Ashby, Mischa, Brewin, Manolo and the rest of the pack present at Punta Ala.

But the current US scene is not all about latest developments. Older or floating boats are sharing the lineups and the US Class keeps pushing to integrate sailors from all levels or budgets with the known separated rankings, which again is the right way to handle current fast development times.

Below Bill Vining points out some good deals on local boats and builders alternatives for the North American sailors to join the A-Class.

Report by Bill Vining:
"Time for all to get an Acat and get ready for our winter season in Florida.   There are lots of great boats on the market now for all price ranges from fully foiling to entry level boats.

Our last regatta a LLSC saw a mix of foilers and classic boats at every point in the standings:
As the most recent big regatta proves, you don't need a foiler to compete, and we are committed to making racing fun and fast for all boats.  Whatever your price range, now is the time to jump into the class.  

A few of the notables from website are:
- Bob Hodges' Curved boat DNA platform.   If you've ever seen a boat Bob has set up, he is meticulous about systems. This platform is one of the best C board boats available now.    I've seen it and its like new at a used price.   Lots of extra stuff, covers, extra rudders and Bob will deliver it to you on Christmas Morning:

- PJ's 2015 New in Box, never sailed 2015 DNA.  Latest gen Z boards, New Fiberfoam/DNA tapered mast (latest & greatest)  Want to foil out of the box?  Want a complete package?  This is the boat for you.   Have the boys from NC toss it on top of their keys bound boats, show up and sail in Florida this winter like a rock star!   Peter might even give you a Gunboat belt for free (maybe): 
- 2007 A3 - So if those two are too rich for your blood this boat might be for you.  Trailer included.  Can you say ROADTRIP? :

- 2004 Flyer - So you are basically getting the platform for FREE!  Hall mast plus all the covers, plus beach wheels, plus 2 sails is worth what Ken is asking for this boat.  For those of you that don't know, the Flyer is a great light air boat.  All you lake sailors take note, this is  deal:

Need foiling gear?  Call Emmanuel Cerf.   He has rudders, foiling boards and curved booms all in stock now.    He also has some C boards and straight rudders.  Ho Ho Ho.  Santa loves carbon fiber.

Jeff Meyers has Fiberfoam mast for sale.   He's a tough negotiator so start your bidding low.  He can be a Grinch, see if you can melt his heart. 

Are you a Right Coaster?  Bruce Edwards has a 2015 DNA for sale in Santa Cruz.    He has decided to compete for Contender worlds, so he wants to go slow.  You can go fast if you call him.

I am going to upgrade to an Exploder so, my well loved, very experienced EVO 2 is up for grabs - Cheap!  I have a Hall tapered mast, a Cogan sail, 2 sets of rudders with winglets, C boards plus a set of experimental CL boards that I can throw in(or not) if you want to experiment.      This boat foils with the C/L boards and the class has agreed to include experimental boats in non National events for the next 2  years.    Be a mad scientist.  Glue stuff together.  Buy my Poster!    

Plus Bach Wilson is making sealed tramps.  His first exploder tramp came out very nice.   He's perfecting a deck sweeper sail.   Give Bach a call if you need a tramp or a sail. 

Jay Glaser and Matt Struble are on their 4th iteration of the deck sweeper.  We are all looking forward to seeing the west coast as powerhouse of Acat development with one of the best sail makers in the US and the current national champ working together.    
Call or write Bailey White, el Predente for more info or unbiased opinions on boats, sails and gear.    
Contact  Bailey at the US Class Assoc Web :