Dec 17, 2015

A-Class: Training @BA, Dec 2015

Foiling in flat waters is the ideal condition for stable perfect flying. But once you have some little chop, current developments are a little short in managing these 'bumps' where the foil lose grip and control height becomes sometime too trickier forcing a sudden dropdown to floating mode , where the flight process begins once more.

FP or Nacra Js or L/Vs foils have a better performance in these conditions but as chop gets bigger/deeper they also have the same problems.
In the A the work needed to maintain the boat airborne is super dynamic and the best challenge and sense of achievement you can get out of a foiling boat.
Being saying this many times, and I will continue to pursue for this kind of dynamic , skill driven foiling mode. Wands are for rookies and Moths.

Foiling the S9 is a kids game on the efficiency of the T foils & double wand systems.
Below just some short footage I could save from a session this week but good to see the crew sheeting work involved in maintaining the boat flying.
Will get better footage next time as I'm playing with a rig and the new camera which I use mostly for shooting pics till now trying to get the right speed mode for freezing catsailing action.

Check 2nd pic how the foil tip  works with little chop/wave , sailing here is the reason this guy above was constantly top 5 in the breeze at Punta Ala. Expect him to challenge the top guys once more at Medemblik.

He is also going for upwind foiling lately, third pic. Still much to go though.