Nov 26, 2015

St Barth Catacup 2015: Final Day vid by EasyRide

Video by Edit & images: Easy Ride -Théo Reynal-St Barth Fly cam. -
Get pass through the girl and watch another great filmography Easy Ride, Manu Duclos and company definitely have the best steady cam filming outhere, more when these shots are taken in open sea and waves like they use to film at St Barth. Nick Bowers/Kettle Cinema's technique when following boats from a real close range (at crew level and not from above) is quite impressive, but filming from a rib with different equipment &  lens also provides a different viewer experience.

Kettle Cinema & Easy Ride are the Master in their own field and both provide top notch films, only thing getting close to their level was past AC Live coverage, but then again their resources are not comparable to theirs.

F18s continue to be a pleasure to sail. Foiling is serious fun but with time it will become more monotonous as it gets more efficient like Stunt 9 perfect foiling.
Speeding & surfing through waves downwind with Spi in the F18 is as smooth and will remain one of the best feelings you can get out of Sailing.