Aug 21, 2015

A-Class Dutch Nats 2015: Day 1

Only one race held till now due to light winds. On another good proof of what we've been saying on the wind range, Jaap Straakenbroek with a standard C boards Dna won the race. The fleet is waiting for more breeze to complete additional races.

Photo left, new sail from Mischa Heemskerk for PJ Dwarshuis. He got a OCS on first race so we don´t know yet its performance. A similar setup was already tried by Mischa & Pete Melvin in the past. Detailed pics at Dutch Assoc FB

Update: 2nd Race for Glenn Ashby held in 2Bft as reported by Kees Krigjer. A little more wind and Glenn is already ahead the C top sailors. At Bordeaux was the same. He could hold ground (top 3) in the lightest of breeze.

Top 5 after 2R:
1- Glenn Ashby Z DNA 3,1
2- Jaap Straakenbroek C DNA 1,3
3- Mathias Dietz Z Exploder 2,5
4- Sjoerd Hoekstra 6,2
5- Mischa Heemskerk Z DNA 5,4

Full Results AFTER 2 at Dutch Assoc FB

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