Jul 1, 2015

The Foiling Week 2015: Forum Schedule

The Foiling Week is becoming the innovation forum by excellence. Great work done by Domenico Boffi and the organizers.  Below people & projects to be presented this year. More info at www.foilingweek.com

July 1st
09:30Andrew Mac DougallMach2The Wazp
10:15Bobby KleinSchmitETNZ naval architectETNZ foil development process @ AC34
10:35Will SunnucksThe Vampire project: tilting foils applied to catamarans
10:55Coffee Break
11:10Friso Bergsma
Van Ossanen
Foil altitude control
11:30Round tables
11:50Session end
July 2nd
09:30Quentin Lucet andXavier GuibautVPLPVPLP foil experience from Orma 60 to the new Imoca 60
10:15Marvin BaumeisterKite Foil Circuits and developments
10:35Andreas Suar(Artemis Racing AC34 method4design) Marc Menec (Artemis Racing AC34/is3de)Innovative design methods applied to an accessible foiling catamaran
10:55Coffee Break
11:10Larry Knauer
Designer and Director of RAVE V
The Rave V Windrider. a trailerable foiling Tri
11:30Round tables
11:50Session end
July 3rd
09:30Doug Schickler (ST-YD) and Shannon Falcone (Oracle Team AC34, Luna Rossa Team AC35)The Gunboat G4 : the engineer and the sailor views
10:15Vlad Murnikov
Foil configuration for monohulls and catamarans
10:35Alex Udin
Phantom International
the flying phantom development
10:55Coffee Break
11:10John Downey
Sentient Blue C-Class Team
Sentient Blue. Developing a new platform for 2015 Little Cup
11:30Round tables
11:50Session end

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