Jul 21, 2015

Diam 24, Tour de France a la Voile 2015

All Photos Jean Marie Liot & ASO -  July 3rd marked the first stage for the 2015 Tour de France a la Voile being raced in VPLP Diams 24. I once asked the Motive 25 Trimaran builder the Pros & Cons of a small Tri vs a cat of the same lenght, stability and range were some of the factors favoring the Tri, and surely are, but if breeze is on you will get some capsizes it seems.
Nevertheless they look so much fun and fast that I wouldn´t mind capsize while racing such a large fleet. What a change for the Tour which was being race in monos till last year, I think the Diam 24s are a great choice.

Also talking with another catsailor and project launch Master we talked about the need of a 'Melges' type of cat to be raced by 3/4 crews and smaller than a GC32, like the more spartan NZ 8.50 rule designs, foiling or not , racing cats with your friends onboard without being a GC32 owner can be a blast that sooner or later it might be a real alternative.

Ofifcial Tour Web www.tourvoile.fr/us
Official Tour FB www.facebook.com/TourVoile?fref=ts
Tour will end this week at Nice on July 24-26.

Remaining 2015 Tour
- Gruissan July 19th and 20th
- Marseille July, 22nd and 23rd
- Nice July, 24th, 25th and 26th