Dec 15, 2014

Black Friday

Past Friday I had a total blackout, head literally exploded, a vertiginous syndrome arose after launch, went to sleep, headaches, dizziness  and never woke up again, except crawling to broom for some nasty vomits. It was awful scenario without being able to move the head or seat, or stand up.

Worst feeling ever, I thought I was done for good ...lying freeze in the floor, code red, ambulance came and took me to our local hospital. medication, pills, intravenous , rest , tomography, MRI,  and almost 2 days to being able to change position or standing up again.

Back at home again now, I will be updating at easier pace, but some really good news coming regarding the F18 OP launch work that is my main project right now along the one-off A-Class . stayed tuned.
In the meantime thanks to all as every year for following and those great pm I constantly receive. For me is a pleasure to maintain this web and I know many enjoy reading it.

All somehow stable now but out again to medics  to see wtf is going on. (might be the Exploder flight training?...he..)
Have nice year's end plus holidays, and all the best in advanced for 2015.