Dec 7, 2014

A-Class Worlds 2015 @Punta Ala: Venue Information & Class status

Image by Serena Scary. Sascha Wallmer on the Scheurer G7, 1st at the 2014 Italian Nats, that were held at the same venue for next 2015 Worlds, Punta Ala, Tuscany, Italy.
Check Punta Ala venue details & weather/course conditions with Italian Assoc Sec , Stefano Sirri at

Class Status:
With the Italian fleet being able to attend this time I think the 100 boat mark can be reached, as for several reasons none was present at Bordeaux 2014 Europeans in July, where nevertheless we gathered +100 boats. A good sign of the health of the A-Class beyond all the reasonable discussions on the shock of having your usual floating boat now going airborne a la Moth and  overnight.

Said this many times , but is worth posting again: From my experience I would be still hooked with the As
with floating mode (standard C boards + small winglets as the Scheurer G6 I sailed at the Euros) without ever being able to fly.
In the other hand learning to foil in current conf it is a challenge we are not going to let pass unscathed. More with many coming from the Windsurf & Kite camps, where we are used to long term learning process.

At Bordeaux a mix of floaters and foilers raced together in a great event.
But all sailors have the right to choose their paths and re group like the A Classic guys are doing.

In the meantime I'm 42 and I have some time to keep pushing.
Not even to start talking on youths.. this weekend Yago Lange , Santi's son and current 49er  Olympic campaigner sailed the A for the first time, he went literally nuts, as I told him he would go...
Even 'old' top notch monohull guys are getting the fever. The other day I showed some As to Guille Parada, TP52 Matador & Azurra master helm. He is seeking to enter the As realm too. I'm still missing Lange Sr to go for a ride, but he is full time busy with the Nacra 17 campaign.

Right now I'm researching and seeking options to build my own A, right now sharing an Exploder. I'm looking for beams options mainly and one-off building methods. Foils is the less of my worries as we have several providers options.

All in all with the 2014 Europeans boat fest, plus the containers going to the US, and our local experience it is clear the A Class is in good health at the moment.
The split forced in their own right by Bimare and some Italian sailors did not even impact in the Euros 100 boat fleet as a reference.

These are only facts. Which is the best way to go? It is a decision the Class and its members will work out. Although there is no more room to ban foiling, only discussion remaining is to keep rules or open for easier foiling devel. (In my view , they should stay away from wands)

In the end first hand reality checks and numbers are showing me that interest in the As is growing World wide.
Lets see how this coming 2015 develops though after a defacto split in the floating/foiling mode fleets.

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