Oct 21, 2014

ISAF Youth Multi: Why to choose the Nacra F16 over the 15.

Pics: Youths Nacra F16 by Nacra. / Left: RBSC Youths racing F16 2014 Europeans on Vipers & Falcons by Laurent Verbeeck/RBSC.

The bids for the new Youth Multihull are now published:  Full document at available Here
Goodall Design desisted on presenting their Viper F16 as an option, as well as Bimare. So Nacra is the only one bidding new alternatives. Glad they put the Nacra F16, as I think it is the best alternative as stated in previous Nacra 15 post.

But the Equipment Committee has recommended the prototype Nacra 15. As I thought the H16 would not do the job for the Olympics, it is clear that  an new Nacra 15 is not necessary at all for top performers Youths and their pathway to the Nacra 17 Olympic Multi. 

- Current Youth Multihulls & Future Youth Multi bids- 

Data Hobie 16 SL 16 Nacra F16 Nacra 15
Hull Length – m 5.05  4.80  5.00  4.70  -0.30 
Beam – m  2.41 2.32  2.5  2.34  -0.16
Weight – kg  145 148 135 140 5
Mainsail m2  14.25  13.8  13.35  13.6  +0.25 
Jib area m2  5.12  3.8  3.7  3.3  -0.4 
Gennaker m2  14 17.0  17.5  16.5  -1
Self Tacker jib No  No  Yes  Yes 
Daggerboards  No  No  Curved  Curved 
Price ex tax  € 12.300,00 € 12.200,00 € 16.500,00 € 11.850,00
Builder  Hobie Cat Sirena Voile Nacra / CMI (Thailand) Nacra / CMI (Thailand)

Nacra 15 has been recommended by ISAF. 
Sometimes I wonder who are running our main sport body organization. Are they active sailors? Have the equipment committee consulted the responsible of the most successful Youth program ? Coach and youths at the Royal Belgian Sailing Club ??
Do these management , decision and recommendation makers have any grasp on what is going on with top performer Youths to recommend a prototype over a established class targeted already by Youths as a pathway to the Olympics  ?

If so, people would now that Youths aiming for an Olympic pathway are currently sailing Formula 16 Multihulls: Falcons, Vipers, Nacras, Cirrus, Bimares, you name it:

RBSC Youths racing the F16 Europeans 2014.

2011 US Youth Multihull Championships in F16s (Vipers)

F16 (Falcon) Video onboard Belgian Youths:

With the Nacra 15 yet another forced, invented and unnecessary Class will be created from scratch.

Do ISAF officials know for instance Henry Demesmaker won the F16 World Title at age 12?????
That he was capable to helm the Flying Phantom with ease as Aurélie Van Schoote did too?  Even Alec Bague crew the FP for Nathan without a problem:http://www.catsailingnews.com/2014/05/rsbc-youth-flying-phantom-carnac.html

So we have these kids already sailing successfully the Formula 16 and even more powerful boats, but we are going to force them to sail a cut off  production F16???

Just check main that Nacra published recently, Those kids look oversized for the 15...: Nacrasailing.com/nacra-15-maybe-the-next-isaf-youth-multihull/

Some of them were also in the Nacra F16 program previous the launch of its 'mini me' 15 as seen in pics above published also by Nacra when they wanted to promote the F16 for Youths.

ISAF Youth Multihull is not for kids to learn how to sail Multis, for that you have

 Hobie Dragoons and many others alternatives.

Do ISAF knows that if an F16 is selected, Nationals Associations in many countries might not even need to spend a dime? As many already have F16 available?

Do they know NAs they can buy, say 1-2 Nacra F16s for the top teams, and the rest use existing boats or look for local used alternatives to create fleets?:
- Europe: Cirrus & Viper & Falcon & Nacras & Bimares & Catparts Aquarptor
- Australia: Viper & Nacras & Cirrus
- US: Falcon, Vipers, Nacras
- Asia; Vipers

All these areas already have available boats, only South America does not have F16s or Nacra 15 for that matter, that is a prototype boat.
Who needs another Class? Only Nacra would be glad to create another Class Monopoly. Nothing wrong with them, they are in the business on selling catamarans. 

But ISAF should know better.

Then check the data table and you will see at same weight, sail area range the F16 is more stable to handle due to its lenght and 2,50mts beam. 
There is rather a notorious difference and it is +1mtr for the F16 spi. But the current SL16 has 17mts spi, so much for the strenght required to sail the F16.

Only number in favor the 15 is price, (clearly initial dumping in my view) and that can be solved quickly with current available used F16 boats and alternatives of several builders. Even new local ones, as we did with the F18 here in Argentina to launch the class from scratch.
Also the F16 have a huge re sell market, the 15 will be to small for the same range of crew weight/sizes.
Winglets?? Those Nacra 15 can be epoxy glued in 5 mins, as the A-Class previous generation ones-

Nacra 15 vs Nacra F16? It is a no brainer. 
As Nacra also bid their F16 as an alternative,  ISAF and NAs members should go for it.

Youths are already training , racing and winning World Titles in Formula 16s, best Pathway to Nacra 17 ever and actively being proven every single season.

Do not force yet an unnecessary new Class.  

It would be a shame if the 15 is selected over the Nacra F16, another wasted opportunity and resources for the sailors and National Associations.

Please , do not reinvent the wheel and tell your NAs representatives to go for the Nacra F16.