Sep 3, 2014

A-Class: Nikita Flight

Image Emil Landry. --  Weapon: Nils Bunkenburg designed the 'Nikita' in 2001, later he built the standard C curved boards for the As that were base for Dna Cs later Js, and Nils also was behind the  Nacra F20 original C daggers.
Besides the hulls being also a starting point for several current designs.

The Nikita is still one of the best looking As out there, as this great picture by Emil Landry shows. This design is almost untouchable in the light breeze, and now getting an indefinitely new life with the foil upgrade.(Exploder set)

Thomas Paasch won the Nordics 2014 with this Nikita, and the mods o the platform were done by Nils himself and Thomas. Tried to contact Nils several times for an interview, but never got reply. I will try again this week.