Jul 3, 2014

F18 Worlds 2014 @Ireland: Warming up

The Formula 18 Worlds will start this Monday July 7th.
Ashby-Goodall, Bontemps-Amiot, Lagraviere-Jarlegan, Larsen-van West & Normand-Joubert are among the favorites. Arg will have Rodger-Volker on a Cirrus R provided by Anne & Manu Boulogne. As always great disposition from the Cirrus team, thanks to them Ian & Pablo are able to race at Bangor.
Left the Rs being assembled. Below the German team with Jens Uwe Tonne waiting in first line for the Ferry. Below Goodall Design C2 from Brett-Ashby.

Glad to know Jasper van Staveren will be there hired by the Class to take pics. Great move by Don Findlay being pro active on the best asset an event can have, that is showing what is actually going on.

Any major effort is diluted if you don´t promote accordingly as happened with the A-Cat Europeans at Bordeaux where the Org put such a nice event but no daily images were delivered to show how great the event was.

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