Jun 17, 2014

Grainger new Tri: 'Fuel 30'

Tony Grainger has launched the Rascal 25 some months ago. Now the Fuel 30 takes the 25' same foil conf with fitted on the Raw 30 base platform (left sailing image), which is the best looking designed Tri ever in my view which of course it is another weapon designed by Grainger.

For years I've been publishing his work (Check Grainger Label), and his designs get better with time. On the foil setup and with the experience in smaller cats like the As, N17, N20 , it is clear that they can provide a safer ride. And for a Racer-Cruiser Tri provides added performance.

Even more with the winglets this version also is offering.
Below Tony description of this new project. Check also  rocketfactorytrimarans.com or contact graingerdesigns@gmail.com for more info.
Sent by Tony Grainger:
Rocket Factory Trimarans,  FUEL30
"The Rocket trimarans were designed specifically to bring true high performance sailing to easily trailerable trimarans in the 22’ to 30’ size range.
There are four models in the Rocket Range and the FUEL 30 is the pacemaker of the four.

FUEL30 is developed squarely on the RAW30 platform, using the same hull and beam configuration with a few important tweaks that take the FUEL30 to the next level in performance, style and practicality. The floats have a slightly finer entry and more rake in the stems. They maintain the same buoyancy and displacement distribution by slightly increasing the height of the sheer line forward.

Twin rudders are standard on the FUEL for

control and responsiveness.
Importantly the FUEL has a longer, sleeker cabin line which puts more space below and affords a dinette with a 2m (6’6”) long settee/berth in the saloon. The new cabin shape maintains the narrow profile of the RAW30 and is actually 40mm lower for a slightly reduced wind profile.The same spacious forward cabin is retained and there are two wing berths in the saloon. In spite of the longer cabin top there is still 2.2m (7’2”) in the cockpit between the traveller and the companionway; ample seating and working space for a hard driving crew.

These features make the FUEL30 an ideal choice for overnight and longer inshore and coastal racing.
FUEL30 is all carbon construction including a carbon wing mast and the boat is engineered for the possibility of full flight foiling with foil cases built into the floats as a standard feature.

Fuel is available now, built to order at Latitude Eight Asia in Phuket Thailand and very reasonably price for a craft of this calibre. Check the Rocket Factory Trimaran web site for pricing and specifications rocketfactorytrimarans.com or contact us direct to fire off some questions; graingerdesigns@gmail.com

Your Chance to have a hot boat in the King’s Cup 2014.

We had an order to have one of the new Rascal 25’s, all carbon version ready, tuned and sailing for the King’s Cup Phuket, Thailand 2014.
Regrettably our customer has had to cancel the order. But we have carbon fibre, PVC foam and a bunch of keen builders busting to get moving on this project.

Our customer was offered a special deal on this project and we’re happy to make the same deal available to anyone who would like to take it up, but the King’s Cup is getting closer (Novemeber 30) and we would need to get cracking by the end of June to be confident of being ready on time.

Drop us a line to discuss if you’re interested.