May 29, 2014

F18 & A-Class French Nats 2014

Both events are being held simultaneously. Billy Besson & Gabart are sailing the As at Cercle nautique La Baule and another super competitive fleet is racing in the Formule 18 at Yacht Club Bray Dunes
Every year I try to remark these classes need to coordinate calendars, as they both might lose competitors to each other event.

Nevertheless two great championships in of the leading catracing countries. 

Excellent racing conditions in both venues, with 10-15knots , 3 races and +40 boats fleet each.  
Charles Haineville leads in the F18 and Jean le Coq in the A-Class.  

More info, pics and results later when available.

- Update: A-Class Full Results & Images at IACA Web
- F18 Reference Results & pics at French Assoc FB