May 4, 2014

Eurocat 2014: Long Distance

Following this race from the rib was a pleasure. The starting lineup was huge, and scenery around the island just amazing.

The FP started in front of the fleet with an A-Cat following and F18s at full speed on the left side.

At the first mark near the club Iker comking from the shohre side reach finally first with Bontemps mtrs behind, beyond a favored side as Nathan remarked, the F18s again stood impressive in the upwind leg against the Flying beast. But once downwind the FP was gone for good.  I have some vids for publish later.

Gusty conditions made for a tricky navigation, Gurvan & Ben did a perfect route to the island.  I'm really impressed on how these two handle the pressure to deliver. I can tell you it is not an easy thing having that load over your shoulders , with everyone pending , a rib filled with 5 reporters , Nathan Outteridge and  all expectations focused on their performance.

The is Flying Phnatom is an spectacular, fast & quite easy to foil vessel, as you will see in some videos with Nathan & Loick next week, but putting the FP on to navigate the course race and  grab the blue ribon is not an easy task at all , more in those tricky conditions and  at this stage.

So hat off to Gurvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot, job done mates!

In the F18  Vauchel Camus & Ledoux reach first bu were ocs. Lagraviere-Jarlegan were first and Iker-van West had a photo finish with de Paoli-Cesari for the 2nd place that went to the talented spanish sailor and the future AC designer Fer van West.
The Italians came from behind trusting their guts on the ideal route to follow and leaving the pack in front of them doing extra meters as they told me after.
Check video below

After the race Outteridge and Peyron went for some test rides along some kids of the RSBC, I had my share of flights teaching Nathan how to  foil......
More material next week , loads of pics and videos to publish.

Yacht Club Carnac is making such a big effort to organize this regatta , that contniues to be the highlight of every season with the Texel and the Worlds.
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