Jul 19, 2013

AC34, New Zealand : 44knots and counting...

Image Chris Cameron, click for HQ. || In one post some months ago I wondered how on Earth this technology could be more innovative, as there is no other place to go when you already are airborne on foils. Next step as I wrote could only be literally and so surreal as starting to fly above the water like a Glider. That is why I couldn´t envision any major breakthrough in years to come, although in 20yrs that crazy thought of line might become true at this progression rate? Paul Larsen's Vestas Rocket is still touching water at 65knots though...

Below some comments from Americas Cup frequent flyer Glenn Ashby.
“By far this is the coolest, most fun boat I’ve ever sailed on, there’s no doubt about that,” said Emirates Team New Zealand wing trimmer Glenn Ashby, who watched today’s race from the chase boat.

“Doing 40-plus knots reaching and downwind and low-to-mid 20 knots upwind, there’s no other boat as a sailor that you’d ever wish to sail on at that moment. The boats are getting faster and faster. Every month, we’re getting quicker. If we had another six or eight months of development we’d probably get another 3 to 4 knots quicker. The feeling sailing downwind is surreal, covering ground that quickly,” Ashby said.

Full report and data at http://www.americascup.com/en/news/3/news/16648/emirates-team-new-zealand-raises-the-bar

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