Jul 23, 2013

AC34: Artemis launchs Big Blue

Image Sander van der Borch / Artemis. Click for HD. Launch video below.
Artemis launched yesterday their 2nd AC72, this time fully flying mode conf. Great effort for all involved and although they will not have that much time on the water, maybe their crew raw talent can compensate in a good manner. For instance LR had full periods of training and closed package development but it is clear they are still gaining confidence.

Being realistic New Zealand are racing the 72 like an F18, or C-Class for that matter the other day without the Jib, their handling is perfect and smooth,  it was achieved on a talented crew but also on complete non stop traning program.

Good news then for Artemis, they will have the chance to race and they deserved it, once in the course race results are never granted beforehand. Stay tuned today for NZ & LR 3rd Match Race, at 12:15 SF Time.

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