Apr 22, 2013

Cammas, Backes & de Koning racing @Hyeres ISAF World Cup

Catracing Heavyweights are debuting at Hyeres today. Backes will crew for Ingrid Petitjean, Cammas is helming for a Laser girl sailor and Coen de Koning will replace Mischa Heemskerk as Elke Delnooz crew. 
The dutch team is having a great program and the one classifying will be in my view a fixed candidate for Rio.
Check races updates on csn Twitter bar above.
Image Claire ADB / ISAF Hyeres WC , Coen training at Hyeres. 
Update: Australia finally having a N17 team with their youth winning team (F16/H16) : Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin.

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