Feb 3, 2013

Rio 2016 Olympics: Carranza-Blando, Argentina's best bet

Images: Matias Capizzano, Punta del Este 2013.
There are 3 crews already preparing to classify for Rio. As posted some days ago:
- Cecilia Carranza (8th Laser Beijing) / Esteban Blando (2011 Arg F18 Champ / ex Tornado Sailor)
- Lucas Gonzalez Smith (F18 & H16 Panamerican , ex Laser rep for Arg) & Moira Gonzalez Smith
- Iriña Piñeryua - Franco Greggi (Local top 29er sailors)

At first glance the stronger team should be Ceciclia & Esteban. Her double Olympic campaign with an excellent 8th at Beijing (not so godd at London though) and Esteban experience on Tornado and the F18 with a local title in 2011 is a great and strong combo.
Cecilia has to adapt to multis but it seems she is doing it quite quickly. The pressure and experience of the tough Olympic cycle is already there.
Esteban will need to fine tune the N17, having the best boat handling in our local fleet I'm sure he will manage to do it, but he will need to learn the hard life and tough physic/mental stress at the highest level of sailing performance of an Olympic campaign, from Cecilia.

Lucas has a great F18 and pre Olympic Laser , plus Olympic coaching campaign experience, a truly perfect combo for him, but being helm I think will hurt somehow his chances. But the last word is far from being said right now.

The same for Iriña and Franco, lots of high level competition, but grabbing Multi racing almost from scratch for Iriña, Franco had a smoothless transition from the 29er to the F18 some years ago as crew, so he can guide his helm to a Good shape, but the curve will be quite steep.

In a few days we will have the F18 Worlds qualifier in Mar del Plata, a great venue to see how these 3 teams start their campaign.

 It is important to note that when Lange-Espinola were Olympians, they were the only ones campaigning, as we didn´t had any local cat class racing. Having now 3 crews, is mainly part also of the great legacy from the group of people that founded and supported the local Formula 18.

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