Dec 13, 2011

AC72s: From grinding brute force to complete Athletes

Everytime I see the monohulls crews sitting comfortably and hanging their legs outhere with 'speed face' I can´t help laughing and thinking "these guys need a beachcat crew run".Now if the AC45s look tough for the wait for the AC72s...
Grinders to the fore when AC72’s come online.
"Compared to the old V5 America’s Cup Class sloop, the AC72 has six fewer crew, 45 percent more stability and a 10-meter taller rig… all going at least twice as fast!" Kramers says. "Everything on the AC72 will be powered by the grinders – the wing controls, runners, halyards, sheets, board-canting mechanisms and so forth.

"You will see a transformation in the grinding squad from power-burst athletes to true endurance athletes," Kramers continues. "They’ll be spending lots of time in the gym and increasing their sum power output for a 45 minute race with more than six mark roundings."...
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