Sep 29, 2011

New 18 Foiling Tri

Sent by Matt Mc Donald -

"We recently ran our first water test on a new 18’ foiling tri.  Falcon built all the tooling and has constructed the initial boat.  It has glass/foam core hulls, with carbon mast, beams and foils.  The concept is by Hydrosail Inc.and Dr Sam Bradfield, developers of a variety of other foiling designs.  (Scat, NF3, Rave to name a few) 

Some pics attached. This was more about making sure the vessel worked than trying to get publicity, we'll get more soon. This was the very first water test and a complete success.  The boat took flight in a bare 6 knots of wind and quickly accelerated to 12-14 once up. We have a few mods being made to the sail plan (note the very small F16 jib temporarily rigged) and hope to back in the water for a second round of testing next week.

This particular platform will be used for a variety of testing and continued development. Hard wing sails etc are in the works. Hydro sail will be offering this as a semi production race boat for those looking for a bit more tech and thrill." 
Matt McDonald - Falcon Marine

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