Sep 8, 2010

Defi Terresens: TransMed record on a beachcat


Images: Defi Terresens. Mediterranean crossing from Marseille to Carthage (North Africa) -- Pure speed is needed for the record attempt so a modified Hobie 21 is a good choice, although a Tornado or a Nacra F20 Carbon could be a good choice too, next year they pretend to open the event for more challengers, I should contact my clients in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia to take a go at this one on their wide, winged, modified F18 , the RC South Cruiser.
Thanks to ocean racer and nomad, Conrad Colman, for the link, check his site for his own crossings.

480 miles between Marseilles and Carthage on Hobie Cat Fox (21 feet) in less than 48 hours, that's a record never attempted on a a sport catamaran-
Innovate, not imitate. This could be the motto of Yvan Bourgnon and Jeremie Lagarrigue. Two friends in an adventure, crossing the Mediterranean on a beachcat.
From August 30, whenever the window weather permits, these two experienced French sailors attempt the crossing to the first edition of the Defi Terrésens! Defi Terrésens aims to become an annual event: in 2011, indeed, any crew confirmed and may enroll in selected Terrésens Challenge to beat the record time.

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