Dec 22, 2008

Hydroptere: 61knots and huge crash with 35-38knots, gusts over 45

C.Levy Hydroptere
l'Hydroptère attained a spectacular speed peak of 61 knots this morning during her first run.
The wind conditions were very strong, with winds established at 35-38 knots and gusts of over 45 knots. The water surface was not as still as in the preceding days, which made sailing difficult and dangerous. The gust that permitted l'Hydroptère to attain this extraordinary speed, unfortunately also caused her to capsize.
"The gust of wind was very violent, l'Hydroptère was in full acceleration at over 61 knots, when she stopped and capsized," tells Alain Thébault briefly as he organizes the towing of the boat with his crew members, all who have come away with only slight injuries.
The trimaran will be towed to Fos sur Mer, as soon as conditions permit.